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Introducing the new web comic!

The new web comic, titled "Obfuscated Trace Echo" has officially launched!

Meet Marcus, a 38-year-old Radio Barn sales clerk who does all he can to avoid subscribing to cable. Things start to get interesting one day as he is adjusting his rooftop antenna.

This new comic should update weekly. I will work on it mostly on the weekends but the target schedule is to post new pages either late Sunday or early Monday.

The pacing of this new web comic will be slower than 2214's infamously rushed storyline. O.T.E. will not skip ahead nearly as much.

Our story starts in Kokomo, Indiana during the spring of 1986. I've been to Kokomo once on my way up to South Bend in 2003 for C-kon. I had lunch at a Subway there but didn't hang around much longer than that. The significance of this location will become clear as the story progresses.

This is a "hampunk meets eldritch horror" story. I plan to use the Alfred Hitchcock approach to an extent where what you don't see is potentially scarier than that which you can see.

O.T.E. is planned to run a couple of years, at the most. The story is not intended to be quite as long or detailed as 2214 but the plans may change in the future.

In addition to web comics, there is a lot of original music here. If you like thematic, mostly instrumental electronica and orchestral style music (the range of styles is fairly diverse), please check that out.

You can e-mail me here. It would be wonderful to hear from readers. I can see general statistics for the site but rarely hear what people think these days. Please give me some suggestions, too.

If you like Obfuscated Trace Echo so far, please vote for it - I would really appreciate that!

Thank you!

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