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HTML5 and Possible Future HTTPS Requirements

The HTML5 upgrades on the site are complete. What does this mean? Basically, it means you no longer need a Flash plugin for the music and video pages. In fact, I have removed all Flash from the site entirely.

If you haven't already heard, major web browsers are starting to deprecate all non-encrypted HTTP traffic. This means many web site owners will be required to obtain certificates for their web sites. Since this site does not have e-commerce or other features that require personal information, I have never implemented HTTPS (encryption) on this site. Now that Mozilla and Google are going to start "warning" users if a site uses plain HTTP, I'm going to have to start taking steps to implement HTTPS. Personally, I see this move toward a de facto requirement - mandatory certificates - as something similar to a protection racket. Encryption is not necessary for all types of web sites. This coercion on the part of large web companies bothers me; "good" certificates are quite expensive.

(Hey, this is a rant column, after all.)

Anyway, webmaster gripes aside, now that some coding revisions are finished, I've planned a couple new music projects for this summer. Additionally, page 6 of O.T.E. will be finished eventually although web comics in general are on the back burner for the foreseeable future.

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