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Kaperth - planetary data

Diameter: 12.000 kilometers
Mass: 0.5 Earth masses
Average Density: 3.305
Surface Gravity: 0.56G
Escape Velocity: 8.15 km/s
Surface Pressure: 2000 millibar
Principal atmospheric gases: nitrogen and oxygen
Population: 2.1 billion

The star has a mass of 1.4 solar masses, a spectral class of F5. Kaperth orbits it at an average distance of 2.33 AU, where it takes 1096 days to complete (which is close to 3 Earth years). Unlike Earth which has an axial tilt of 23.5°, Kaperth has only a tilt of 2°, which means that there are virtually no seasons. It is assumed that the presence of the two moons caused the axis to stabilize in this state.

Kaperth's density is about 40% lower than the density of Earth, because it doesn't have a large metallic core, and the planet's interior has now become mostly solid (also volcanism has ceased). Because of the same reason it doesn't have a magnetosphere like Earth that would protect it from hard radiation. However, this is compensated by the fact the surface pressure on Kaperth is nearly twice as on Earth, and that a good part of hard radiation is blocked off because of that.

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