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Heya. New here?

Since I'm running some ads right now, you might be a new visitor to this site. That being very possible, here, have a quick explanation of this site. is used primarily to host the web comic "2214" but is far from being just another web comic site. Fish around in the menus up at the top and you'll see what I mean. There's music and quite a few other things. It's all original stuff that I make.

Ok, so, when reading 2214's archives and starting from the beginning, you're going to notice something about the artwork and the quality of the comic in general. Yeah. Although I went back and re-drew the earliest pages, even the quality of the re-drawn pages is starting to look a bit dated.

Basically, when I started 2214 way back in February 2003, I didn't know beans about drawing anime or manga-style artwork. It was a rough start and it was all in pencil. Pages were very hastily done on the weekends; I had very little time in which to work on this site back then.

Since then, of course I've improved quite a bit but the quality goes up and down throughout the entire comic. It's a process that's hopefully as fun to observe as it is to experience first hand.

Anyway, enjoy 2214. I hope you find this place entertaining and useful. Be sure to grab some of my music while you're here.

2214 VN Scenes 14 and 15 - Done!
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