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A redesign is on the way

The current form of the site was created as a complete rebuild in mid-2008.

I'm in the very early stages of creating a new design for the site. The underlying system isn't going to change much but the layout and client-side functionality is under review for some improvements.

Some of my thoughts right now on a new design include a more minimal layout, a "fixed" header with the pulldown menus laid out in a way that conserves space (and stays visible no matter where you scroll the page content), pure HTML5 audio and video playback, SVG graphics, and CSS3 rounded corners and shadows as opposed to using graphics-based design elements.

Basically, I'm in the "can I do this and be compatible with all modern browsers" phase. Certainly, all web designers have to go through this phase when considering a new layout for a site.

Of course, not only are the technical issues an early hurdle but coming up with snazzy new header artwork is also a challenge.

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