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New Comics in the Works

Obfuscated Trace Echo has been on hiatus while I've been doing some planning for this site. There were some details in the storyline that fell victim to writers' block and I had to resolve some issues with them before continuing the script.

2214 "Shadow Epiphanies" (a working title; it may not be the final title by the time it launches) is also in the works.

When first started, I began an entirely new web comic called "Omnitemporalis". It only had four pages before I brought The 2214 Saga over to this new site and abandoned the old - which I recently brought back to life. This weekend I wrote a very simple web comic viewer engine in less than an hour for the resurrected Have a bit of nostalgia.

You'll hear more from me a bit later. Stay tuna'd!

2214 VN Scene 16 - Ready!
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